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Keith Corso
3 min readOct 23, 2019

On the heels of our venture financing and East Coast expansion, BusRight is starting its engine on a new round of talent recruitment.

To continue driving forward, BusRight is looking for part-time and full-time Web Engineers, IOS Engineers, and Product Designers to join our team. If you are constantly curious, a self-starter, strong communicator, or fellow transportation enthusiast, we’d love to hear from you here!

Where is BusRight today?

BusRight is a Boston-based company that provides hyper-flexible and safe school bus routes to the largest mass-transit system in the country that carries our nation’s most precious cargo, children. In a few months, we will be operating across four states and working with some of the most innovative fleet operators, school administrators, and government leaders. Our community driven approach stems from our product’s emphasis on student safety and fleet transparency.

Surprising School Bus Facts

  • The school bus industry is the largest mass transit system in the country
  • Boston Public School’s transportation budget is close to $130,000,000 this year
  • 26,000,000 students take a school bus twice a day, for 180 days per year
Photo by Tiziano Brignoli on Unsplash

Our Team

The BusRight family consists of innovators who have experience working with the largest school districts in the country and a technology team that worked at Google, Robinhood, NVIDIA, Toast, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Half of the team works out of the innovation labs at the University of Pennsylvania and Northeastern University giving BusRight the opportunity to tap into cutting edge fleet management research and up & coming technical stars. While the team varies across states and age, we all have one main commonality — the ability to communicate, execute and confidently fail forward as we learn with and from one another. See below for the people that make it happen:

· Chris: Technology nerd

· Nona: Education technology innovator

· Phil: k-12 background meets A+ technical talent

· Annie: designing at our user’s request

· Will: Android master

· Keith: daily executer

At BusRight, you will not be limited. You are free to charge fearlessly forward with new initiatives, select and develop your own technical direction, and work with all functions of the team. All we ask is you share your highlights in our team Slack so we can celebrate you!

Team members & BusRight users— our favorite duo!

BusRight team facts

  • Each team member is working from a different state this month
  • The teams age ranges from 19–40+
  • More than half of our code base was committed between the prime working hours of 6pm-2am

The world is full of fascinating problems that need to be solved. Join the BusRight team in building the future of the nation’s largest mass transit system in the country, school buses!

To continue learning more about BusRight or to geek out further about the transportation space, you can read more team articles like Double Clicking on Student Transportation, Our Most Important Cargo Deserve More, and The Environmental Impact of School Buses.



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